Most Common roofing issues in New Jersey


Most Common roofing issues in New Jersey

As a homeowner in New Jersey, our homes endure the challenges of four seasons, and the fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions that can take a toll on your roof. Here are some of the most common roofing issues we come across on roofs in New Jersey.

Leaky Pipe Boot Flashings

A frequently used pipe boot in America and New Jerseycomprises an aluminum tray and a rubber gasket that snugly fits around plumbingpipes to prevent rainwater and melting snow from seeping in. However, the harshUV rays during summer and freezing temperatures in winter tend to deterioratethe rubber gasket, making it brittle. As a result, this type of flashing lastsonly about half as long as the average asphalt shingled roof in New Jersey.

Fortunately, there are now specialized products available inthe market that utilize improved gasket materials or employ a counter-flashingtechnique that can last as long as the typical lifespan of a roof in NewJersey.

Leaks caused by Nail Pops

It is not uncommon for roofing nails to become loose andraised from the level of the decking, resulting in what is known as nail pops.This occurrence is particularly prevalent in New Jersey due to fluctuatingtemperatures and the subsequent expansion and contraction of wood. Once a nailhas become raised and the sun comes out, the shingles soften and the nail canpuncture through, creating a small hole that is prone to leaking. While theseleaks may initially be minor, they can cause significant damage to the underlyingwood decking over time. This issue is often found in older homes in New Jerseywith tongue and groove decking, where there is spacing every 6-8 inches. Insuch cases, it may be advisable to replace all of the decking with modern,solid materials.

Leaks from the Flashing

Proper flashing is crucial for your roofing system'sintegrity. In New Jersey, roof leaks often occur near the flashing area. Thiscan be due to the materials used or deterioration over time, but it's commonlycaused by poor installation. Therefore, selecting the appropriate flashingmaterial and installer is crucial when replacing your roof in New Jersey toensure its longevity and performance.

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